Straub Beer’s New Spokesmodel

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Evelynn, obviously recognizing the familial connection, is making that case of beer look GREAT!

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Thoughts on PFT one-liners

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Saturday morning one-liners

Posted by Josh Alper on January 8, 2011, 9:33 AM EST

Eli Manning, B.J. Raji

Brian Moorman has now punted more often than anyone else in Bills history.

Wanna know how I know your team sucks?

Former Dolphins RB Jim Kiick thinks coach Tony Sparano should have told the team to “stick it” when they flirted with Jim Harbaugh.

The guy took a team that went 1-15 to the playoffs two years in a row.  Its not his fault that his stupid GM drafted Chad Henne to replace Chad Pennington.  That’s like cleaning dirt with more dirt.

QB Joe Flacco wants the Ravens to be more aggressive on offense in the postseason.

How’s it feel to want?  That neanderthal might be more successful if he goes back to throwing rocks at dinosaurs.

Playoff time has been a very productive time for Steelers LB LaMarr Woodley.

Playoff MVP maybe?

Said Colts QB Peyton Manning of having running backs Joseph Addai and Dominic Rhodes, “That feels familiar. Everybody keeps talking about ‘a great job of bringing Dom back,’ and I can’t quite figure out why he left.”

Perhaps because you have the world’s second most arrogant GM?  He got unbelievably lucky replacing Marshall Faulk with Edge.  He then promptly got rid of Edge to replace him with… er, a series of middling RB’s like Addai, Rhodes and now Brown.  Peyton, you’d have so many rings if your boss respected the run game.

FB Tim Castille was in fourth grade the last time the Chiefs won a playoff game.

Against the Steelers, 92.  Bill Cowher’s second year.

With Jason Garrett installed as head coach, all eyes are now on who the Cowboys’ defensive coordinator will be next season.

I hire Dave Wanndstedt ASAP.

A Redskins report card finds them wanting at most offensive positions.

Those positions are:

QB, RB, FB, C, RG, LG, RT, LT, and WR.  They have a decent TE.

Bears WR Rashied Davis fights against the notion that he’s just a fringe NFL player.


The Lions won’t raise ticket prices for the 2011 season.

Yea generally you have to have success to do that.  And not like people in the D have a lot of extra money to toss around anyway.

Having a healthy QB Matt Ryan and RB Michael Turner meant the Falcons offense improved across the board in 2010.

In other news, you have to score points to win games.

The Seahawks running backs would like to keep the ball out of Drew Brees’s hands on Saturday afternoon.

Solid game plan, Pete.  I suppose you’d also like to score points?  Good luck doing either of those things.  I’m not sure if you’ve been paying attention but you did start Charlie Whitehurst last week.  If you’ve broken down film on the Saints you’ll see this little scheme called tarantula defense you may want to look out for.  Starting the Sphinx, er, Hasselbeck, with your horrible O-line and total lack of a run game… the Seachickens don’t have a prayer.  52-10.

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Just a quick note…

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I hate it when something that seems it should’ve been a simple task becomes a burden, and it’s nobody’s fault but your own.  I’ve messed around and delayed so much on a project I’ve worked on that everyone involved is frustrated including me.  I run into wall after wall and it takes me so long to get back on track that I just want to throw my hands in the air and quit.  Many people are depending on me to complete this, to get this project done and quitting is not an option.

I just hope my plan to not require perpetual maintenance by myself works.

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NCAA Accidentally Makes Case for Playoffs

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Many people didn’t see it happen.  Lots of people didn’t watch.  The typical college football fan just sticks to a team, occasionally a conference and doesn’t venture out to enjoy a good competitive football game amongst successful teams in a lesser division.  Today, Villanova was at Appalachian State in the D-I AA/FCS quarterfinal game.  App St. came in ranked #1 in all of AA ball, largely expected to roll through ‘nova, last year’s champ.  Together these teams have one 4 of the last 5 AA championships.

What happened was the unexpected.  It turns out that if a powerhouse has to play a team in a playoff that they can lose.  Villanova whooped the hell out of App St., 42-24.  I don’t think it was that close.  ‘Nova dominated in every facet aside from the opening drive.

Who’s to say that if you had a playoff in D-1/FBS that this couldn’t happen?  What if Auburn had to play Virginia Tech in a quarterfinal game and lost?  What if Oregon played TCU in a semifinal and lost?  The possibilities are endless.  It seems to me that you could retain the existing bowl system by applying the sponsorships to the game.  Every bowl game’s viewership would increase, creating more money, which is what the BCS truly is all about. 

The difference is that the BCS is an independent entity that is overseen by the NCAA, but moreso by the college presidents.  Therefore, they get to keep all the BCS money for the BCS people.

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Brain Drain’s a Damned Shame

December 6, 2010 1 comment

Here in Erie, the rallying cry for many years has been to stop our “Brain Drain”.  The problem is that I’m not sure anyone here really knows how to do that under the current modus operandi.

It’s tough to accept that the manufacturing hub will never be what it was, it’s like losing your security blanket as a child.  There’s nothing that can be done to stop this process, but I don’t believe the loss of manufacturing jobs has anything to do with brain drain at all.  The great majority of manufacturing jobs do not require a college degree at all, and in some cases, even a technical school degree.  The standard of what’s considered a good manufacturing job in this area (plastics, for the most part) in fact can’t even pay you at a rate that will place you as a “middle-class” citizen.  Temp to hire plastics jobs often start at or just above minimum wage.  The high end manufacturing (GE, etc.) are so high in demand that you need either a mountain of experience or a friend in the right place.  Oh, and a degree in some sort of relevant field.  I wouldn’t call these obstacles to getting a “good” job insurmountable, but that’s not our point of discussion here.

A tourism based economy is pushed heavily in this area.  Erie has a glut of natural beauty and features for the entertainment of the masses, but it can never be a true economic base, it is a piece of the puzzle.  Not only does it not pay well enough, it’s unstable and requires a tremendous amount of money to turn over.  Just ask the Erie Convention Center Authority.  Additionally, what you’re doing with a tourism based economy is placing your future, your prosperity, in the hands of other cities.  You’re not actually building prosperity for yourself, you’re drawing off of other areas, gambling that they will be there to support you.

If you go into a college classroom and ask the students, by a show of hands, who wants to work on a line or in a hotel as a career, very few would raise their hands.  Some may recognize what it can be worth, but for the most part there are aspirations of management, leadership and presenting new ideas.  Many of these students are going to take their ideas and dreams and plug them in to another city.  There is a myth that things can’t be accomplished here in Erie, that in order to run a successful business you must move to a larger area.  In the age we are in, the age of social media, instant contact and unprecedented levels of connectivity, you can accomplish exactly the same thing here as you can anywhere else.

There are many things in this post that are easier said than done, for sure.  Where do you draw the line between focusing on retaining the jobs and business that we have and promoting new growth?  I can think of an IBM commercial that says “small businesses are the engine of a smarter tomorrow”, and I agree.  It all has to start somewhere.  When you’ve been broken down as we have, when you’ve hit rock bottom, you have to break down every principle that you maintain and re-examine what you’re doing.  You cannot rebuild a house using blocks alone.  You must use a variety of materials and tools to build on what is a solid foundation in the remnants of a mighty manufacturing base.  If there is not more of an effort made to incubate new ideas, new businesses, then we’re going the way of Braddock.  We cannot continue to blindly stay the course, with a small number of people reaching out to other communities to try to pull in business.  The expansion has to start here, right in our city, with our people and tools and talents, pooled together to create a new economic base (again, tourism is not a base), ushering in a new era of prosperity for our area.

Much To Do With Nothing

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Over the course of the winter months, I find myself with an abundance of time on my hands.  My work is seasonal, not to say I don’t work during the winter, but it averages 2-3 days a week.  You might think that it sounds great, and I’d get things done, however if I’m not working I find myself lethargic and unmotivated.  At this time, I’m trying to work on a website for my church which I’ve been putting off for more than a year; working on the same stonewall that impeded my progress a long time ago.  I have a penchant for quitting.  You know the old saying:

“When the going gets tough, quit!” – Yoda

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What to expect:

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No one reads this (yet) but obviously I’m not typing this for my own therapy.  I guess I could be, but that’s not my M.O.  When I get some time to do it, I’d like to go beyond the status update, beyond the tweet and post some real content.

So many sites lack true content, it’s just life flashing by and no one stops to smell the roses.  When you friend posts a “note” on Facebook do you read it?  Probably not, it’s got paragraphs.  I want to bring some content, some of my own content, to this space.  Hopefully I can use it to fulfill my promises to for writing and photo contributions and Luther Memorial Church for actually working on their website as I’ve been promising for a year.

Let’s end the excuses and get to brass tacks, shall we?

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