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What to expect:

No one reads this (yet) but obviously I’m not typing this for my own therapy.  I guess I could be, but that’s not my M.O.  When I get some time to do it, I’d like to go beyond the status update, beyond the tweet and post some real content.

So many sites lack true content, it’s just life flashing by and no one stops to smell the roses.  When you friend posts a “note” on Facebook do you read it?  Probably not, it’s got paragraphs.  I want to bring some content, some of my own content, to this space.  Hopefully I can use it to fulfill my promises to ErieBlogs.com for writing and photo contributions and Luther Memorial Church for actually working on their website as I’ve been promising for a year.

Let’s end the excuses and get to brass tacks, shall we?

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